WELCOME TO PARAIBA TALK! Paraiba talk is an entire eco system for private and secure online communication including chat, audio/video calling, web conferencing, email and file transfer! Never again use apps which spy on you, record your calls and mine your data and put it on sale for everyone. Download Our App Here:

Paraiba End-to-end encryption
Messages sent via the Paraiba app can only be viewed by the sender and receiver. Even we cannot see your messages!
Hide messages
For extra security, our app allows you to make your sent messages “hidden" in a snap!
Message elimination
If you choose to delete a message, it will be deleted forever.
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Meeting all requirements for a private, secure, and user-friendly online meeting room. Offering the best technology to protect you and your meetings with HD quality. No limits on the meeting rooms, both for private and business.  TRY NOW Paraiba

Paraiba Needless to say email and messaging has become essential in our daily personal and business lives. Coupled with that, the increasing of demand for privacy and security for all of our communication is paramount today!

Unfortunately with regular email service providers the opportunity for middle-man  attacks, which expose your sensitive information without your consent, are commonplace. Paraiba Talk solves this problem for you!

With CCC, we have created a hyper secure encryption tool that was previously limited only to large corporations and government entities. Now all people can transfer classified documents with a full confidence they are far away from prying eyes
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